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Release Time:2016-09-05

Books are the steps of human progress, reading can subtle in the promotion of each person's connotation and literacy, in order to enhance the overall quality of workers and comprehensive ability to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, the company chairman Yu began in September, the company management staff every Individual reading a book every month.
        September 20, 2016, the Austrian company's library was formally established; library has purchased more than 100 books, book classification from the management, psychology, celebrities, literature, management and other categories. Workers from the professional, life, spirit and other angles, many free choice of favorite books.
After the news of the establishment of the book, the staff heard the news, and actively borrowed, in the September 02 that day all the books by a blank, each holding a book to read, more workers from time to time to share in the company group after reading.
       The establishment of the company's library is designed to enable workers to learn all kinds of knowledge, improve the comprehensive ability, cultivate noble sentiments, enjoy learning fun, strengthen the company's corporate culture, enrich the staff spare time, the company will collect personal experience or experience, Learning the garden, for the workers to create a mutual exchange and communication learning atmosphere.



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                                                                                         September 15, 2016