"The police just told him to stay away from her"

My daughter is 16, a junior in high school. She's been bullied by this boy for a few months. We've talked to his parents and he always issues an empty apology after he posts insulting things about my daughter online.

The last incident we got the school/police involved. He actively tried to solicit nude pictures of my daughter to post online for "revenge." (There aren't pics but he didn't know.) My daughter's ex-boyfriend sent us the text of the request.

The school district did nothing to the boy. He tried to solicit child porn and in CA commit a felony & nothing happened. The police just told him to stay away from her.

She's had severe emotional fallout and her schooling is suffering. She has to see him in class every day and has to drop out of school events because he will be there. She has learned a terrible lesson that a girl will not be protected by institutions that are supposed to support her.

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  1. Moving would be a very kind thing to do for your daughter and you.


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