"That man's entire family called me a liar."

I was 2-3 yrs old when the abuse started.

It was my babysitter's husband. He was in his 60's. He would lay out Brach's butterscotch candy and he would have sex with me before I could have the candy. I am almost 50 now and still cannot eat butterscotch.
In those 2-3 years that this went on, I had to lay on the floor for him, I had to hold his penis while he peed. I remember this like it was yesterday. I also remember the day I told my mom. It was by accident. She made me mad and I told her if she didn't give me my way I would do to her what the man does to me.

She knew something was not right about that and asked me questions. That man's entire family called me a liar. In 1973 a 5 y/o did not know what I knew about sex.
You can use my name because my shame is gone but with all these allegations and people defending this monster Roy Moore my anger is at a boiling point. Thank you for telling our story, we matter.

--Tammie Thomas


  1. I am also in my 50's. What has been so illuminating about this moment in time, is the conversations that I have had with other woman my age and we all have these horrifying stories that we never told anyone about because of fear and shame. I, myself, was repeatedly sodomized and fondled as a 12 year old by my parents adult male, married friend. Through out my life I have told very few people of this. But I might have considered coming forward if this person was running for some public office and pretending to be something he wasn't. What saddens me is all the men and women who are disbelieving of these woman's stories. I personally know very few woman who weren't forcibly grabbed, fondled, harassed or raped at sometime during their life. I think if these disbelievers just asked adult woman in their orbit to share their stories, it would be harder to think these woman are lying or exaggerating.

  2. You aren't alone.

    Millions of us are living with #PTSD over sexual abuse, beatings, hitting, psychological and physical torture.

    That last word has been so overused that most don't really understand the concept of being tortured.

    We who survived childhood rape, torture, abuse, neglect and more, need to speak out to our communities and anyone on any platform who will listen.

    If it will save just ONE child from this kind of abuse, we have not suffered in vain.

    I forgive most of my abusers - the ones I can't I will leave to God for his mercy or judgement.


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