"Me too."

In kindergarten I was in daycare. Every day that I went to school, I had to go to an in-home daycare beforehand. Every single day that I attended daycare, the older kids who were in 5th grade and the daycare owner’s middle school-aged children instructed all of the kids my age to touch me inappropriately or to force me to have anal with them because I was the newest kid there. When I finally told my mom, the doctors took too long to give me a rape kit, so all of the evidence was gone. In third grade, my mom’s husband used to use “tickling” as an excuse to weaken me so he could hurt me and touch me. When I cried and said I couldn’t breathe and that he was hurting me or making me feel icky, he’d tell me I needed to toughen up an not to be such a crybaby. In eighth grade, these two boys liked me. In the same week, one tried grabbing my breasts and one grabbed my ass. Both times I hit them since I had told them no multiple times, and both times I got yelled at by my teachers for acting violently when they had seen the entire thing. In ninth grade, my dad’s girlfriend’s brother (let’s call him H) kept preaching to me that I needed to just lose my virginity and also that I shouldn’t trust people so easily. One night, he got drunk when I was at my dad’s house and my dad said I should look after him since we were best friends. That night, I was molested for two hours by H. When I told H about what he did that morning, he cut me off and told me “shit happens”. When I told my father, he told me he bet his girlfriend that H had feelings for me and she bet that I had feelings for H. When I was 18, I had just gotten broken up with. I made a new friend, a guy (let’s call him T) that seemed nice and understanding. I hung out with him at his house, and when his kid fell asleep, he told me I had to either give him a BJ or have sex. I gave him a BJ on his bathroom floor while wanting to die. That same month, a girl I knew fell for me but I started seeing someone else. She got mad and molested me before choking me out. Me too.

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