"I’ve realized in the past month or so that’s not what life is supposed to be like."

I was 14, at a Jimmy Buffett concert with my friend and her parents. We were walking back to our lawn seats from the bathrooms, and a drunk (probably) college-aged guy stuck his hand all the way up the back of my shorts just as I passed by him. I jumped and told my friend. She laughed. I didn’t tell anyone but her. I thought since she laughed, that was something drunk guys do. She had an older brother, so maybe she knew? I was afraid if I told my parents, I’d get in trouble. I was so embarrassed.

My freshman year of college, I was visiting friends at another state school. We went to a house party, had a lot to drink & smoked some pot as well. Normal stuff for us, nothing we’d never done before. As the night ended, she went to bed with her boyfriend, I was going to the couch, but her boyfriend’s roommate took my hand up to his room. I went with him. That was the last I remember until the morning when I woke up with my pants off and underwear on inside out and backward. I asked him if we did anything & he laughed. I was so scared, did we have sex? If we did, was there a condom? I had no idea. Again, I didn’t tell anyone until I told my husband years after we were married. We were drunk, it’s what happens—that’s what people would say, right?

Just a few years ago, I was at a new chiropractor’s office. He was “checking my alignment” and pressed his penis against my hip. As he ran his hand down my spine, he went all the down and cupped my butt as well. I did go home and tell my husband, and I never went back to that doctor. I never reported him.

These are the major ones, I didn’t include detailed stories of the times I’ve been cornered by guys who I thought were my friends and yelled “show us your boobs! We thought you were cool!” Because that’s just what life was like, and it’s so mundane. I’ve realized in the past month or so that’s not what life is supposed to be like. Thanks for letting me tell my stories.

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  1. OMG, just...hugs for being so brave. It happens more to anyone knows but that doesn't make it ok. I'm proud of you and believe you.


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