The Worst Was Doing It Under The Bushes

Writing and publishing your story is part of healing. My mother was a teacher in a high school. My first rapist (I refuse to use the term “abuse”) Was 14 and I was 5. He liked anal penetration and when I told, no one believed me.

A year later we moved to a new house and a 16 year old student in Mum’s class for four years forced me to give him oral and touch him.

The worst was doing it under bushes  within 50 meters of my mother.

The realisation this year, 40 years after the last episode was that these weren’t acts of gratification but acts against my single mum. So I feel justified speaking out on #MeToo.

However, I am alive. The second rapists stepson, committed suicide aged 10. He experienced far worse from me.

40 years later, my female supervisor tried to force herself on me. I coped with that but when I said no, she made my life hell at work,

I made a formal complIant but being a male making this sort of complaint, they believed I was being vexatious and HR refused to interview witnesses

Fuck this has screwed me up. Told twice, once when I was five and the 2nd aged 50 and still no one listens or takes it seriously.

The fucked up culture of using sex as a weapon of subordination has to stop

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