The Worst Part Was Being Groped By My Own Dad

I was assaulted once by a boss, I spoke out trying to make a joke of it because he was leaving...I lost my job. Another time with a friends husband...he begged me not to tell her, so I lost my friend because I decided not to tell her and ruin her life...I just never saw her again. The worst and most hurtful of all was being 'groped' by my own father. 

Persistently through my childhood, and the sexual innuendos to a young girl are deeply disturbing. I tried to say no but it was made a joke of. My father completely robbed me of ever knowing what it is like to be a 'daddy's girl'. I'm caught like a rabbit in headlights when I see even a photo of kids being comfortable and loved with their dad. I think it damaged me, my self-worth and confidence. Thankfully I now have the most wonderful loving husband in the world, and he has helped me deal with it...please everyone don't forget all the very good men there are out there.

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