Prom Night 2016

I was 17 at the time this happened, prom night 2016, my boyfriend ignored me the whole night of my high school prom. We didn’t even go to the same school. I saw him trying to flirt with the other girls at my school and I got mad at him for it. We ended up just forgetting about it and enjoying our night. 

Well little didi know he got super upset that I made a big deal about it at a high school that he didn’t go to, so he continued to ignore me until 3  
when he was super drunk and I was sober. We went to my friends after prom party, after prom and anyway... at the goes into the room I'm staying in for the night (no one else was in the house) & tells me how dumb and pathetic I was. I thought he was just being a mean because he was drunk. He ended up begging me to sleep with him, and i did because he pressured me into with the “if you love me you will” or “I'm your boyfriend when you agreed to be my girlfriend you have to” & so I did... let me tell you how traumatic it was for me, but i stayed with him because I thought I loved him

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