"I’ve never allowed myself to shed tears over this before."

This is the first time I’ve shared this story... ever. It’s been almost 60 years.

My cousin forced his penis into my mouth when I was 4. I had no idea what was happening.

It caused a severe jaw injury that required two surgeries and later braces and years in headgear. I’ve since had TMJ surgery and wear an appliance sometimes 24 hours a day because the pain is so severe. He said he’d kill my puppy if I told.

No one could understand how a small child could’ve experienced such terrific jaw trauma. Immediately after I couldn’t bear to eat my favorite food any longer- I vomited for years just looking at a hot dog. I never made them for my children. I’ll never make them for my grandchildren.  

Thank you for giving women a voice and a safe place to share in anonymity. I’ve never allowed myself to shed tears over this before... isn’t that awful? I pray they stop flowing and I can finally heal.

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