It Only Lasted About 10-15 Minutes

I was at a party with a group of upper class men who had just graduated. I spilt a drink on myself and went to my car to grab an extra shirt I just happened to have in there from working prior to coming to the party. Aquanauts followed me to my car and when I opened my back seat shoved me inside. I told him to leave me alone repeatedly, even saying "no, leave me alone" didn't stop him. 

As the words "you're going to listen to me" fell from his mouth, I knew I was about to be raped. It only lasted about 10-15 minutes but I was frozen and couldn't move. I am 17, and because of this my case isn't good enough to be brought to trial. When the cops questions him he admitted to having sex but that wasn't enough to keep him locked up long. He was bailed out and now he is living his life away at college with nothing on his record.

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  1. It is so hard for straight boys to move on from sexual asssault from a male. Self blaming is a huge part of it.


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