I was Sexually Assaulted While They Watched And Laughed

When I was 18 I was working at a local family owned restaurant. It was a Mexican restaurant and most of the employees there were paid under the table for lack of legal citizenship. I would often go to work and be immediately met with hugs, but that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that the men, grown men teaching the teenagers, would see who could slap my butt the hardest. What bothered me was that every time they wrapped their arms around me they would reach until they could feel my breast. What bothered me was being held against the wall by a guy I had gone to school with since kindergarten by a hand around my throat and him thrusting himself into me in the middle of the kitchen. No one was phased. It was funny to them. 

What made it worse was that I was told that I should have expected those things to happen, after all, the Mexican male culture is so machismo what else was supposed to be going on? I was expected to know this because I’m Mexican. I told my manager and he told me to tell them to leave me alone. When I expect teased to him that’s what I’d been doing all along he told me there wasn’t anything else he could do for me.


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  2. That is just ridiculous. No good Mexican would do such things. Your abusers were all just an assholes and coward bastards, and what they did to you was terrible. I send you all my support, and remember you're not alone <3


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