I Was 13 And At School.

We’d just had to sit through a long assembly and my class was dismissed to exit the hall. As I was walking through the hall to the exit, a boy 2/3years above mine decided to slap my ass. He proceeded to laugh with his friends and my friend laughed it off too but inside I was panicking and I didn’t know why. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack (had them before that day) so I started crying. I felt like if I told anyone, i’d be overreacting but I knew In my heart, I didn’t want to be touched but I was, let alone inappropriately by someone I didn’t even know. So I decided to tell an adult. A teacher. 

Someone who’s supposed to protect me. I told 1 teacher who kind of laughed until she saw how upset I was, she then told me to tell someone with more of an authorities figure so I did. I told another teacher and she also laughed. I wasn’t taken seriously and when I told her who had done it, she excused his behaviour for him being ‘troubled and rebellious’.(because that’s a valid excuse.) she then proceeded to tell me she was going to find him and let him know his actions were ‘bad’ and she also said she would get him to apologise. I did not receive an apology and I felt unheard and violated. I was 13 years old, I was a child and this boy might do it again because the correct consequences were not shown to him. I hope he didn’t do anything like this to anyone else. I still have issues with people touching me to this day because I just don’t want people to touch me in any way since that day.

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