I thought Being Raped By My Boyfriend Was Real Love

I was abused as a kid 6 years old i developed an eating disorder so i had some control over the world i ran away at 16 and became a drug addict i was raped in my first relationship with an older man at 17 and my life spiraled out of control the drugs got worse as did my life i was diagnosed with quiet borderline personality disorder then raped again by a stranger at 21, my life has been one of self-medication and abuse because thats all i knew boyfriends raped me and abused and beat me,

I had no clue what love was and i got to a point where i stopped fighting back and just went to a place in my head until it was over. I am 40 now with a kid and i am safe for once trying to piece my life back together. Love has always meant pain but it was never love just abuse. #metoo

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