16, 21, And 30

When I was 16, I volunteered in the ER at a local hospital. I thought it would be a good experience getting to shadow doctors and understand if that was a route I wanted to pursue.
There were 2 nurses that I shadowed and helped with fetching supplies etc. It started out normal enough, but by the second week it had gotten a bit too personal.
I was only 16, but I was already over 6' tall. So they made comments about my height, and how I was a good piece of fresh meat. It then moved to one of them joking about how the other hadn't gotten laid in a while and wanted me to help her out. Then popping those latex tourniquets to hit my rear, which led to them just slapping and grabbing my butt multiple times a day.

At 21, I was close friends with a woman a couple years older than me. We drank together and had kissed once. She found out that I had recently lost my virginity, and told me that she wanted to be my next. I told her no.
Well, soon thereafter we were out drinking one night and she kept buying me shots until I was about blackout drunk. I remember her taking me home and laying me on her bed. I passed out. I woke up briefly as she was pulling my jeans off, but I was so drunk that all I could do was groan and try to push her hands away before I passed out again.
I came to for a second or two as she was naked, riding me, then passed out for the rest of the night. The next morning she said that she hoped I had as much fun as she did.

When I was 30, I was assaulted by a guy I knew. He said I was his type: tall, white and preppy.
I had gone to the bathroom, and as I was finishing at the urinal, I felt someone behind me. Suddenly there was a hand reaching around. He cupped my testes, then grabbed my member as I tried to elbow him away. He stepped back as I turned around, then winked and walked out.

Those are the ones I want to share. What happened to me as a child at the hands of an older boy, I'll leave out. I don't like re-living it.

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