When My Granpa Molested Me I Thought It Was Normal

I was molested from 2 till around 9 by my grandma's husband I never told anyone till I told her on her death bed in 92 she would have believed me had I told her sooner I know this now cause she told so on her death bed and the reason I never told before then is because I thought it was what all " grandpa's" do it was never with his penis it was always oral or with his fingers till about 6 but because of this I had relationship problems.

 one day I made to go seek help mentally and it helped me a little then i met my husband told showed me that's it's not OK to lie and it's better to hurt a person with the truth than to hurt them with a lie, I just wish I had told my grandma sooner but now I know now silence is never good and this should never happen to anyone old or young.

- Ora

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