I was Raped By Two Of My Friends: I Am A Male

When I was 20 I was raped by two men who I considered to be good friends !! I had gone out to a party and could not get a taxi home so two friends offered me to stay the night at their flat! I slept in the spare room and during the night they came into the room and took turns raping me . I kept the rape a secret till I had a nervous breakdown 18 months later !

I'm now 49 and still suffer from PTSD but consider myself to now be a Survivor rather than a victim!! I want people to know rape can happen to men and it is just as devastating but we can all Survive !!!



  1. Ugh :( Thanks for being transparent. Your courage is strengthening the reality of what we are facing as a culture to change the direction we have been going in.

  2. If you can not move on you really need a therapist that specilizes in sexual assault like my sister. You neeed to get this behind yoind you. If at 49 it still bothers you it will interfere with any relationships


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