He Raped Me In My Grand Father's House

I was dating a guy that my family and myself had grown to trust. He had nursed me back to health after I had surgery. I was almost completely healed when he had decided to visit me at my grandparents house where I lived. My parents for the first time left me alone with him in my bedroom. He had began to make advances with me but I was not in the mood due to the fact that I was in pain. He wouldn't take the fact that I said no for an answer so he raped me. He raped me in my bed, in my room, IN MY GRANDFATHERS HOUSE. I laid there as he robbed me of my choice and my soul. I decided to not fight.

The only  thing he had to say after he was done was that he didn't know why he did what he did. He had the audacity to feel regretful and cried by my bedside.
Sadly, what saved me was the fact that I was numb from the waist down after my surgery and I repressed every memory of that day. I had forgotten that it had even occurred.
 After I was raped, I had to wear an invisibility mask amongst my family and friends. I was afraid to admit that it happened. I was ashamed to tell my family that I allowed it to happen to me. (After 8 years, I realized that it was not my fault after he returned to ask if I would have his baby. Every memory flooded back in to my mind the moment he asked)
I did not report him. That is my biggest regret. I was afraid that reporting him would bring up my wild and confused past before him.

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