Giving Survivors A Bigger Platform To Share Their Stories

Hey, guys, it is Sharika Soal! I must say my life has been a journey in itself and sometimes I never know why I am meeting the people I meet.

I realize there are a lot of people out there just like me who have felt silenced and confused and watched our daily lives be affected by it. So I want to help and you can help me too because without you It's impossible to show the world just how many of us are survivors.

So please feel free to submit your story and share the blog so that all of us just like you and me can feel less alone because let's face it, this thing isn't just horrific it's also extremely isolating and sometimes even paralyzing. Together we can all start to feel a little bit of relief that we are here to shed light on something that has been in the dark for too long.

I truly love you all and a lot of you have helped me heal and not feel so alone. My story and my child's are nothing I would wish on anyone.

I love you all so much and always know you are not alone.  I hear you.


Please be respectful and remain in a nonjudgemental state when commenting.

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