I was raped as a child and no one believed me

Society helped twist my views of sexuality and promiscuity in my younger years.  My story of Rape Even my moms relationships with men also taught me this skewed thought process. People assume that you are obligated to have sex with your partner weather dating or not. People who love you don't force you to do anything you do not want to do. You have a choice you always do. I was willing to do everything for what I thought was love. I am no longer a victim of that mentality. I cast no judgement on others but . I will continue to break the silence.  So others can see the thought pattern and speak up and break their silence and realize they too were victims of their thoughts. Prisoners of their mind. I am no longer prisoner of society or my mind.  I understand more then anyone thinks I do. I choose me. You are allowed to say no. Rape victims do know their perpetrator. Even when they meet them on the one single night sad but true. Just say no to rape. Men women and children have become victims of rape. Rape also knows no gender differences.  Rape knows no colour Rape is Rape. Forcing people to do something against their will. Enough is Enough. End the cycle now!!

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